Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance is throughout the whole process of production to ensure the equipment used to manufacture the product, the selection of materials, the training of staff, and the manufacturing processes. We try our best to meet customers’ highest possible standard.
We have built a close relationship with big domestic material suppliers, so that to ensure the quality of our buying material.
Quality Assurance Equipment
We introduced advanced production and testing equipment from Japan, South Korean and Switzerland.
Technical Support
Our QC team consists of experienced engineers and technicians. They supervise every production process, examine and inspect during the production, and record the results and information to check and review.
Procedures/testing Details
. For a product, QC department will supervise every production process 
. For samples, QC will inspect them thoroughly 
. During mass production, QC examines and inspects the first 5 parts, the middle 5 parts and the last 5 parts thoroughly for each shift 
. Record the results and information carefully in order to check and view