Qingdao Hiwell Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Product Name: CNC Machining Part with Testing Equipment, Made of Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Product Classification: Machining Parts
  • Company name: Qingdao Hiwell Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Contact Address: Room 2707 Zhaoyin Mansion, 36, Hongkong Middle Road, Qingdao 266071, China
  • Add time: 21/01/04
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Machining is often an integral part of casting and forging production by enhancing the functionality of the raw products. We have integrated machining in order to fulfill customer demands.
Weight: from 0.01 gram to 500 kgs.
Dimension: from 0.5mm to 1000mm.
Order Quantity: Small, Medium, or Large series.
Production Equipments: High-performance horizontal CNC machining center from Mori Seiki (Japan); Vertical CNC machining center from Doosan (South Korea); CNC lathe; Common lathe; Milling machine; Drilling machine; Planer; Grinder; Gear-hobbing machine; Broaching machine; Guillotine shear; Welding machine; Balancing machine; Sawing machine; etc.
General tolerances for different equipments which we can reach:
CNC machining center: ±0.01mm;
Common lathe: ±0.03mm;
Milling machine: ±0.02mm;
Grinder: ±0.01mm;
Gear-hobbing machine: ±0.035mm;
Guillotine shear: ±0.5mm.