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  • Product Name: Precision Casting Parts with Shot Blasting and Tumbling Surface Treatment
  • Product Classification: Precision Casting Parts
  • Company name: Qingdao Hiwell Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Contact Address: Room 2707 Zhaoyin Mansion, 36, Hongkong Middle Road, Qingdao 266071, China
  • Add time: 21/01/04
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Casting parts are widely used in industries of hardware and mechano-electronic, and gradually gain the popularity in the area of building, equipment, engineering machinery, machine tool, shipping, aerospace, automobile, electronics, computer, electrical appliance, lamp and lantern.
Materials of casting parts: Grey & Ductile (SG) Iron; Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel; Aluminum, Brass and Bronze Alloy, etc.
The weights and dimensions of casting parts vary from several grams to tons and from millimeters to meters.
Casting Techniques: Clay Sand Casting; Resin Sand Casting; Precoated Sand Casting; Shell Casting; Foam-lost Casting; Sodium Silicate Casting; Silica Sol Casting; Low-pressure Casting.
Order Quantity: Small, Medium or Large series.
Production Equipments: Line-frequency coreless induction furnace; Roller sand mixer; Core shooter; Air plasma cutting machine; Vibration polishing machine; Low pressure casting machine; Molding machine; Hook type airless shot blasting machine; Rubber apron type airless shot blasting machine; etc.
Quality Control: Chemical analysis; Optical spectrum instrument; Mechanical properties for tensile strength, yield stress and elongation; Hardness testing; Impact testing; Leakage testing; Coordinate measuring machine (CMM); Metallographic analysis; Magnetic flaw detector; Ultrasonic flaw detector; etc.
Surface Treatment: Shot blasting; Tumbling; Polishing; Passivation; Hot Dipped Galvanization; Electro Galvanization; Powder Coating; Painting; Vitrifying; etc.